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Contact Information

Nenad Medvidović
University of Southern California
Computer Science Department (SAL 338)
Viterbi School of Engineering
941 Bloom Walk
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0781 USA
Phone: +1-213-740-5579
Fax: +1-213-740-4927

Associate Editor-in-Chief
Betty Cheng
Michigan State University

Associate Editor-in-Chief
John Grundy
Deakin University

Information Director
Mei Nagappan

TSE Publication Coordinator
IEEE Computer Society
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
E-mail: tse@computer.org
Phone: +1.714.821.8380
Fax: +1.714.761.1784

Scope of TSE

IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering is interested in well-defined theoretical results and empirical studies that have potential impact on the construction, analysis, or management of software. The scope of this Transactions ranges from the mechanisms through the development of principles to the application of those principles to specific environments.

Specific topic areas include: a) development and maintenance methods and models, e.g., techniques and principles for the specification, design, and implementation of software systems, including notations and process models; b) assessment methods, e.g., software tests and validation, reliability models, test and diagnosis procedures, software redundancy and design for error control, and the measurements and evaluation of various aspects of the process and product; c) software project management, e.g., productivity factors, cost models, schedule and organizational issues, standards; d) tools and environments, e.g., specific tools, integrated tool environments including the associated architectures, databases, and parallel and distributed processing issues; e) system issues, e.g., hardware-software trade-off; and f) state-of-the-art surveys that provide a synthesis and comprehensive review of the historical development of one particular area of interest.

Editorial Board


Nenad Medvidović - University of Southern California

Associate Editor-in-Chief

Betty Cheng - Michigan State University

John Grundy - Deakin University

Associate Editors

Sven Apel - University of Passau, Germany

Andrew Begel - Microsoft Research

Eric Bodden - Paderborn University & Fraunhofer IEM

Victor Braberman - Universidad de Buenos Aires

Yuriy Brun - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Yuanfang Cai - Drexel University

Jeffrey Carver - University of Alabama

Myra Cohen - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Daniela Damian - University of Victoria

Patrick Eugster - Università della Svizzera Italiana

Gordon Fraser - University of Sheffield, UK

Alessandro Garcia - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Reid Holmes - University of British Columbia

Valerie Issarny - INRIA

Zhi Jin - Peking University

Miryung Kim - University of California, Los Angeles

Sunghun Kim - The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Andrew Ko - University of Washington

Phil McMinn - University of Sheffield

Emilia Mendes - Blekinge Institute of Technology

Ali Mesbah - University of British Columbia

Mira Mezini - Technische Universitaet Darmstadt

Raffaela Mirandola - Politecnico di Milano

Ana Moreira - Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Emerson Murphy-Hill - North Carolina State University

Corina Pasareanu - NASA Ames Research Center

Denys Poshyvanyk - College of William and Mary

Hridesh Rajan - Iowa State University

Anita Sarma - Oregon State University

Carolyn Seaman - University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

Koushik Sen - University of California, Berkeley

Forrest Shull - Carnegie Mellon University

Stephen Siegel - University of Delaware

Lin Tan - University of Waterloo

Willem Visser - Stellenbosch University

Chao Wang - University of Southern California

Michael Whalen - University of Minnesota

Tao Xie - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Xiangyu Zhang - Purdue University

Thomas Zimmerman - Microsoft Research

Andrea Zisman - The Open University, UK

Review Board

Dalal Alrajeh - Imperial College London

Venera Arnaoudova - Washington State University

Hamid Bagheri - University of Nebraska

Ivan Beschastnikh - University of British Columbia

Chris Bird - Microsoft Research

Bara Buhnova - Masaryk University

Sudipta Chattopadhyay - Singapore University of Technology and Design

Nancy Day - University of Waterloo

Antinisca Di Marco - University of L'Aquila

Tore Dyba - SINTEF

Davide Falessi - California Polytechnic State University

Antonio Filieri - Imperial College London

Scott Fleming - University of Memphis

Joshua Garcia - University of California, Irvine

Holger Giese - Hasso-Plattner-Institut

Alessandra Gorla - IMDEA Software Institute

Sonia Haiduc - Florida State University

Dan Hao - Peking University

LiGuo Huang - Southern Methodist University

Aditya Kanade - Indian Institute of Science

Claire Le Gouès - Carnegie Mellon University

Leonardo Mariani - University of Milano-Bicocca

May Nagappan - University of Waterloo

Shiva Nejati - University of Luxembourg

Liliana Pasquale - University of Limerick

Jamie Payton - Temple University

Michael Pradel - TU Darmstadt

Rahul Purandare - Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology

Raghu Reddy - International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

Roshanak Roshandel - Seattle University

Julia Rubin - University of British Columbia

Norbert Siegmund - Bauhaus University Weimar

Paola Spoletini - Kennesaw State University

Myoungkyu Song - The University of Nebraska at Omaha

Klaas Stol - University College Cork

Damian Tamburri - Eindhoven University of Technology

Christoph Treude - University of Adelaide

Nikolaos Tsantalis - Concordia University

Burak Turhan - Brunel University

Sira Vegas - Polytechnic University of Madrid

Yingfei Xiong - Peking University