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Performance vs Price evaluation of Cloud offers from the client perspective
DEC 12, 2017 12:03 PM
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In the frame of H2020 CloudPerfect research project, ICCS (Institute of Communication and Computer Systems) team is working on tools and functionalities that will make the lives of Cloud Adopters easier.

Suppose that you are a Cloud Adopter and you decide to go with the deployment of your application in an IaaS Cloud. This practically means that you need to discover all available Cloud Providers , and select one of them (probably the best match, or the cheapest one), but in the same time you need to make sure that some basic Key Performance Indicators are satisfied, when your Application will run in the Cloud. A resulting "pain" that you as a Cloud Adopter must deal with, is that you need to identify your Application general behavioral characteristics (e.g. how much networking/CPU resources it uses), compared to usual applications. This practically means comparing your Application general “profile” with a set of known application categories. Moreover, Application adopters usually have no overview about available IaaS Provider offers and price changes over time.

Similar limitations and problems can be overcome by the use of the Profiling and Classification tool developed by ICCS. This is a freeware tool that supports the classification of Application to known (benchmark) categories, as well as the provision of a filtered and continuously updated list of providers, prices and performance scores for each application category, with the aid of the Benchmarking Suite tool developed by Engineering LTD, as well as the QoE database, a benchmarking results repository hosted and maintained in the ICCS premises.


Figure 1: Profiling and Classification tool workflow


The performance and price evaluation of available cloud offers according to a specific Application as well as the fast ranked Provider list creation, result into a list of significant gains for the Cloud Adopter, such as the ability for faster decision making, when it comes to Cloud deployment, as well as adaptive pricing schemes for their own customers, as the Profiling and Classification tool provides with the ability to consider various trade-offs of cost and Application performance.

The Profiling and Classification tool has an easy-to-use graphical interface and also provides the option for command-line usage, by configuring specific parameters for every case (such as importance or specific thresholds in IaaS offers’ prices and KPI metrics).


Figure 2: Profiling and Classification tool graphical interface – Classification and Recommendation results for an example virtualized application


As mentioned, the tool is open source and it is provided under Apache 2.0 License in the CloudPerfect project GitHub repository:

Installation instructions, along with a detailed tool usage guide, are provided in the following document:

For more information on CloudPerfect, please visit the project official website:


Author Info

Dr. Fotis Aisopos got his PhD from National Technical University of Athens in 2012, and since then he works as a senior researcher in Institute of Communication and Computer Systems. Currently, he is the technical coordinator of CloudPerfect H2020 project, and has also worked to numerous EU research projects in the past. His research interests include Information Engineering, Distributed Systems and Architectures, Web Services, Social Networking and Data Analytics.

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