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Cloud Solution Quality Monitoring and Evaluation with QoE Tool
SEP 13, 2018 12:26 PM
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Cloud Solution Quality Monitoring and Evaluation with QoE Tool

In the frame of H2020 CloudPerfect research project, ICCS team delivers tools in order to help Cloud Adopters select and evaluate their cloud solutions. One of the tools produced in the context of CloudPerfect project is the Quality of Experience tool(QoE). This tool contains functionalities to assist the Cloud Adopters in the evaluation of the available cloud solutions for public and also private IaaS providers and also after the cloud adaptations to evaluate the solution used for their services. One of the main concerns of a Cloud Adopter is what are the computational capabilities of the cloud solutions offered by the IaaS providers and also how their services are going to perform in this kind of environments. QoE gives access to benchmarking data from various benchmarking tools in a homogenized and user-friendly way. These data produced by the QoE help Cloud Adopters to evaluate the available cloud solutions through standardized metrics and analytics. The other main concern of a cloud adopter is how consistent and reputable is an IaaS provider. Even if the infrastructure and the solutions providers offer perform as expected, any failure or unavailability can result into economic or technical issues to the Adopter. QoE has functionalities for monitoring the availability of IaaS provider services in the context of the Service Level Agreement(SLA) between the provider and the adopter. There are many tools for monitoring cloud infrastructures but none of them monitor how the availability or general failure issues affect the SLA. Monitoring the SLA helps the Cloud Adopters to provide the appropriate proof to the IaaS provider in order to ask for refunds or even renegotiate the terms of the contract.  

The QoE is a freeware tool and consists of two major components.

FrontEnd: The frontEnd(QoE Portal) is a UI developed using angularJS and Bootstrap. The main purpose of the UI is to display results of the SLA monitoring and benchmarking tools. Also using the appropriate libraries to produce metrics and analytics of these data. This UI also contains mechanisms to operate the tools for SLA monitoring(3Alib) and benchmarking (Benchmarking Suite) through REST API.  


Figure 1: QoE user interface


BackEnd: The database created for storing all the data gathered for, or created from QoE, is a containerised mongoDB produced with Docker. This database stores data produced by SLA and benchmarking tools and also all the user information of the QoE users. 



Figure 2: QoE Architecture

Selecting the best Cloud Provider is a very important step towards better QoS. Having the appropriate tools to monitor evaluate and analyse the cloud solution selected, can help a cloud adopter to avoid pitfalls and bad choices that can cost timewise and moneywise. Even after the cloud adaption being able to make personal evaluations on the cloud provider SLA is a very important and rather neglected process. QoE aims to deliver a sophisticated tool that can help cloud adopters to evaluate and understand the differentiations between the offered services, through extensive data collection, analysis and standardized evaluation mechanisms.



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The QoE is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

This work has received partial funding from the European Commission under grant agreements No. FP7-317859 and No. H2020-732258

Author Info

Alexandros Psychas has obtained a Diploma in Digital Systems in 2011 from the University of Piraeus and an MSc in Electronic Education from University of Piraeus in 2014. He is a PhD candidate in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of NTUA and is currently working as Research Engineer and Software engineer in the Telecommunications Laboratory where he has participated in numerous EU projects.




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