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FEB 21, 2017 20:53 PM
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ICDM - the Standards Body of SID

By Joe Miseli, JVM Research, Principal & Chief Engineer

Did you know that SID has a standards organization that develops display metrology and related standards? It is called ICDM (International Committee for Display Metrology)..

ICDM currently has about 400 members worldwide, mostly top display evaluation specialists and scientists who have come together to produce display metrology standards. Its products and services (standards, recommendations, test patterns, metrology templates, training courses, etc.) provide valuable resources from SID & the ICDM for the display industry.

Version 1 of the ICDM standard (June 1, 2012) is over 500 pages of display metrology, methods, tutorials — almost like a textbook on displays, technology, and evaluation. It is available as a free PDF download on the ICDM site or in printed full-color book form for sale from the SID office. It has been downloaded about 35,000 times and has been well received in the industry. Version 1 now serves as a basis for measurement methods and quantifying display performance, and is likely the most widely used and accepted display measurement standard yet produced. In addition, ICDM provides many test patterns for download on its website which support the standard, also available for no charge.

Now ICDM is working on Version 2 of the standard (ICDM2) with a goal of 2018 for its release. 

This year, ICDM, with the support of SID, will debut its first display metrology training course and an exhibition booth at  Display Week 2017 in Los Angeles.

Impact of ICDM and Its Standardization Work

Did you ever wonder what those specs mean when you purchase a TV?  Display metrology is what defines those parameters and values.  The ICDM standard is key in that area to define the details of display performance.

Specsmanship is the case when you see performance numbers for a display in which the numbers vary widely or seem to make little sense. That is, advertisement of values may be creatively filtered or carefully selected to make a display’s performance seem better than it actually is. You might find such specified creativity in “contrast ratio,” “viewing angle,” “response time,” etc. These can be misleading. The ICDM standard clarifies such parameters.

Now the ICDM is taking on the tough issues, HDR metrology, color volume, VR/AR, etc., and is addressing display measurement methods both for stand-alone use (like a buffet where one can pick and choose whatever display measurements they wish to use) and categories of displays, to show how measurement items of the ICDM standard can apply to categories of displays, like automotive, TVs, HDR, medical, and more.


Clarity and Manner of the ICDM Standard

The ICDM standard is written in a plain and simple manner with example data and data tables, and has extensive use of full-color graphics to help give clarity and show specifics for making measurements. Every measurement and every chapter of measurements follows the same structure, nomenclature, and outline for consistency, to help make its methods and message easier to understand. Plus, it contains appendices that include tutorials, discussions, and references, making it not only a metrology methods book, but also a good overall reference textbook — even for those who do not make measurements on displays.


For more information, visit the ICDM website,, or contact ICDM at

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