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Working with Hadoop : A practical Guide – Part 1
Ray Kahn
JUL 26, 2013 14:27 PM
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I have been quite busy for a while and have not been able to write anything lately. After a hiatus of about 3 months I think I now have ample time to start blogging again. And as my first blog in a long time I would like to write about Hadoop. That fantastic distributed framework used for large data processing. I intend to install a Hadoop distribution (installation included) and create a MapReduce job. Of course I will start small with a single node deployment. And when I have gained confidence I will move on to a distributed deployment. Along the way I will be writing this blog about my experiences. So let’s get started.

Step 1: Understand Hadoop Architecture

Here I have an info-graphic that sets out a high level Hadoop architecture. In the following blogs I will go through deploying and building my Hadoop environment with its associated technologies. 

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