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UPCOMING GBR WEBINAR: Learn 5 Proven Design Hacks That Work To Build Great Products
Wanda Meloni
OCT 06, 2015 18:05 PM
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I am very excited about the following webinar... so much so that I will be moderating it.  Join us tomorrow! - Wanda Meloni

UPCOMING GBR WEBINAR: Learn 5 Proven Design Hacks That Work To Build Great Products

Here is the link:

Grab your lunch this Wednesday, October 7th at 12pm PST – Join us as we learn more about key design hacks and the powerful step-by-step GettngToAlpha program perfected by Amy Jo Kim, CEO of Shufflebrain.


In this short, one hour information-packed webinar, you’ll learn the key design hacks and step-by-step system that startups, game companies and media giants use  to turn innovative ideas into compelling experiences.

  • Have you ever wanted to accelerate your early design and development process?
  • Is it challenging to identify exactly the right early customers to test your rough idea on?
  • Do you wish you had a roadmap for using gaming smarts to create a simple, stripped-down and compelling MVP?

Bring Your Lunch and Join Us: Wednesday, October 7th at 12pm PST


We’ll cover:

  • Why game thinking is the fastest way to build a product people love
  • How 50+ innovative companies worldwide have leveraged our system to turn their idea into validated, high-learning prototypes or MVP
  • Why the CEO of gaming giant Ubisoft flew me to Paris to train his worldwide design staff after seeing my TEDx talk on Cooperative Gaming
  • Why the CEO of startup Pley called our system ‘an invaluable investment’ after using it to go from idea to MVP in 5 weeks

About the Presenter

Amy Jo Kim is CEO of Shufflebrain, a design studio focused on smart games for a connected world.





About the Moderator

Wanda Meloni is editor of the Gaming Business Review, and Executive Director of the Open Gaming Alliance,


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