Raghu Das

Raghu Das is CEO of IDTechEx and leads the company’s operations. Established in 1999, IDTechEx provides independent market research, business intelligence and events on emerging technology to clients in over 80 countries. IDTechEx is headquartered in Cambridge UK; additional offices are in Berlin, Boston and Tokyo.

Dr Peter Harrop PhD, FIEE, is Chairman of IDTechEx Ltd. He was previously Director of Technology of Plessey Capacitors Scotland and Chief Executive of Mars Electronics, a start-up he took to $260 million gross sales value with highly automated factories built in US and UK, without acquisitions. He was a board member of $1.5 billion Mars UK, a division of Mars Inc. Mars Electronics was sold for $500 million after he left, generating an excellent return.
Dr. Harrop has been Chairman of 15 high tech companies over a period of years including turnrounds on behalf of venture capitalists such as Computer Security International. The largest was Pinacl plc in Wales, made profitable and grown to $100 million in fiber optic manufacture and multimillion dollar structural networks.
Dr. Harrop lectures and consults internationally on electric vehicles, energy storage, RFID and printed/organic electronics.  


Co-Author Rachel Gordon is Technology Analyst of IDTechEx. She has a BA in Natural Sciences and first-class MSci in Materials Science and Metallurgy from Cambridge University. She has focussed on projects such as manufacturing and testing novel, sustainable, photovoltaic materials. She has also worked on projects including sustainably synthesising graphene from glucose in Cambridge University Engineering Department, developing deposition techniques for organometallic thin films at the University of Goettingen, and researching lead-free piezoelectric ceramics at the University of Technology in Hamburg. At IDTechEx Rachel has studied advanced new materials and 3D printing.


James Hayward

James Hayward is a technology analyst with IDTechEx. He has a first-class MSci degree in medicinal chemistry from Imperial College London. During his research, James worked on making lipid-based protocells intended for use in intelligent drug delivery systems. He has also developed inkjet-printable copper-based inks for use in printed electronics applications. James has commercial experience in brand creation, development and marketing. At IDTechEx, James is researching markets and enabling technologies for wearable electronics.


Dr. Guillaume Chansin

Dr. Guillaume Chansin is an analyst and consultant for IDTechEx Research. Based in Cambridge (UK), he interprets the latest trends and market data in several industries, such as printed electronics, sensors, flexible displays and wearable electronics. He is fluent in French and English and gives presentations in both languages. As a consultant he has delivered custom research to several large organizations in Europe, North America and East Asia. Guillaume obtained a degree in Physics Engineering at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées in Toulouse, followed by a PhD in Chemical Physics at Imperial College London. Before joining IDTechEx, he worked on flexible e-paper displays at Plastic Logic.

James Hayward

Dr Jon Harrop, MA, MSci, PhD, has been a director of IDTechEx since 2012. He earned degrees in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge and has published peer-reviewed academic papers on physics, chemistry and biology in journals such as Physical Review with a focus on computational science. He has worked on emerging technologies ever since and consulted for a variety of companies including BP, Aviva and Microsoft. He has authored and co-authored dozens of books and reports over the past 20 years from New Intelligent Printing Techniques (1995) to 3D Printing Applications (2014). Jon joined IDTechEx as a director in 2012 and currently specializes in 3D printing, Internet of Things and wearable technologies.


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