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This professional competency certification requires successful completion of Certificates of Proficiency in the following eleven key knowledge areas: Software Requirements, Software Design, Software Construction, Software Testing, Software Maintenance, Software Configuration Management, Software Quality, Software Engineering Processes, Software Engineering Models & Methods, Software Engineering Management, Software Engineering Economics and the successful completion of two advanced applied modules.

Recommended Prerequisites:

Candidates seeking this professional certification should have completed a minimum of four years of college education in computer science or equivalent in a related field and a minimum of four years of relevant industry experience. However, there are no prerequisites required for registration.


This professional competency certification requires the successful completion of the following 2 parts.

Part I - IEEE CS Exam. One online exam (containing questions from all 11 knowledge areas):

1. Software Requirements

2. Software Design

3. Software Construction

4. Software Testing

5. Software Maintenance

6. Software Configuration Management

7. Software Quality

8. Software Engineering Process

9. Software Engineering Models & Methods

10. Software Engineering Management

11. Software Engineering Economics

Part II - PROXOR. The successful completion of:

Applied Exam Module III

Applied Exam Module IV

Software Engineering Master Certification

  Part I - IEEE CS Exam Duration:   180 minutes each
  Exam Questions:    160 questions (one online exam from the KAs listed)
  Exam Location:    Exams are 100% online and proctored remotely
  Part II - PROXOR Exam Duration:   Applied Module III - 180 minutes
  Applied Module IV - 180 minutes



Part II - Applied Modules

Registrants may choose to re-take the applied Authentic Exam™ modules exam more than once. An exam fee of $150 will be required for each exam re-take.
Click to download the Applied Module re-testing application. For processing, please email completed form to


The applied exam modules are powered by Proxor, a Carnegie Mellon University spin off, and use state of the art Authentic Examination™ technology.

These Authentic Exam TM modules test the readiness of individuals to participate in the workforce as professional software developers. The examinee is placed in the context of an actual practicing professional software developer. They are provided with a system (base code), a set of tasks to be performed on that system (fix defects or add functionality), professional tools, documentation and other support materials. In each three hour exam module the examinee is presented with two performance tasks to solve.

Watch the Authentic Examination powered by Proxor video below.

Watch the video below on a preparation guide for SDE-Java exam.



Upon completion, exam solutions are evaluated automatically using an extensive battery of automated tests.  Each of the four exam tasks undergo up to 180 distinct evaluation tests.  These automated tests evaluate examinee performance based on the following three key elements:

I. Did the solution sufficiently address the major task elements?

II. Did the solution handle known special cases?

III. Did the solution break existing functionality?


Professional Software Engineering Master Bundle

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Student Members: $445



Software Engineering Requirements Order Form Please download the recertification form.

Professional Software Engineering Master Exams

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