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It is not just for software developers. Collaborating with Operations can accelerate efficiency and time to market. Find out how.


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Being a DevOps Developer

DevOps, the synergy between software development and IT operations, was an open secret before it became a mass movement. Passionate programmers were often also closet system administrators—sometimes literally so, by nurturing recycled hardware in their home’s closet.

Chaos Engineering

Modern software-based services are implemented as distributed systems with complex behavior and failure modes. Chaos engineering uses experimentation to ensure system availability. Netflix engineers have developed principles of chaos engineering that describe how to design and run experiments.


DevOps is about fast, flexible development and provisioning business processes. It efficiently integrates development, delivery, and operations, thus facilitating a lean, fluid connection of these traditionally separated silos. In this instalment of Software Technology, Gorka Gallardo, Josune Hernantes, Nicolas Serrano, and I present a brief overview of most recent DevOps technologies such as delivery tools and microservices and discuss what they mean for industry projects. I look forward to hearing from both readers and prospective column authors. —Christof Ebert

Making It Easy to Do the Right Thing

Wotif Group used DevOps principles to recover from the downward spiral of manual release activity that many IT departments face. Its approach involved the idea of "making it easy to do the right thing."

Microservices Architecture Enables DevOps

When DevOps started gaining momentum in the software industry, one of the first service-based architectural styles to be introduced, be applied in practice, and become popular was microservices.

The Forgotten Architecture

Most software architecture books focus on building new systems. However, successful systems spend much more time running in their production environment than being initially developed. That’s why the DevOps movement’s recent emergence is so heartening. It emphasizes development and operations staff working together as early as possible—sharing tools, processes, and practices to smooth the path to production.

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