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Meet Your Business Demands with Technical Training

Software companies face many challenges. Established developers must be conversant with the latest development tools and practices. New staff members who are experts in cloud computing, Big Data, and virtualization need the management skills and business tools to make their designs practical. Partners must understand the technology, and customer-facing staff must translate customer needs to developers.

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How can software companies meet these demands? The IEEE Computer Society's TechLeader Training Partner Program. Designed to keep staff at software companies up to date on the latest technologies, the customizable program provides the data and information delivery systems that work for companies and their staff. In-depth courses and hands-on training are key to the program's effectiveness.

The IEEE Computer Society TechLeader Training Partner Program will help your staff acquire:

  • Cloud computing skills
  • Network protection and IT security capabilities
  • Virtualization expertise
  • Experience with new tools such as Java, .NET, Python, and Ruby on Rails
  • Project management understanding
  • And much more.


The program is customized to companies, presenting the data and information delivery systems that work the best for companies and their customers.

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