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TechLeader OnLine — courses, videos, certifications, and mentoring organized into 16 KnowledgeCenters on cutting-edge technical and professional topics such as IT Security, Java, Cisco, Visual Basic, C#, and Management.

TechLeader OnCourse — workshops designed to keep you on track--whether in obtaining deeper knowledge in your chosen technical area or in mapping a new trajectory for your career. Available in two-day and three-day instructor-led formats.

TechLeader OnDemand — webinars customized to your employees, featuring experts from the Computer Society or your own company for in-depth learning

TechLeader OnSite — customized training courses at your location featuring a roster of IEEE Computer Society industry experts

TechLeader Events — enlist IEEE Computer Society expertise to develop customer-facing product announcement events.

Meet Your Business Challenges with Technology Answers

The financial services industry stands at a critical juncture. The business challenges faced by the industry are tightly intertwined with technology challenges. And yet, for most companies, technology is still a "tool" managed by a separate department, rather than a tightly integrated business service in the hands of technology leaders.

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It's time to change that. And you can with IEEE Computer Society's TechLeader Training Partner Program. This program can help your company:

  • Meet new regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Increase your risk management capabilities
  • Adopt predictive risk models
  • Increase true data security
  • Embrace big data, cloud SaaS, mobile applications, and more.


TechLeader Training Partner Program is designed to bring your technical staff up to date on the technologies that are transforming the financial industry for the next generation, including:

  • Advanced security
  • Big Data
  • Mobile computing and "tabletization"
  • Cloud services


The program is customized to your company, presenting the data and information delivery systems that work the best for your company and your customers.

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