Medium Conference Timeline

Timeframe Actions Notes Owner
18-24 months      
  Determine/Confirm sponsorship for your conference- sponsorship fully with CS at 100%, split with another IEEE OU or third party History on the conference should be kept with the Conference Committee. CS Meeting Planner can also provide historical information. Conference Committee or Steering Committee
  Determine if a MOU is needed If sponsorship is not fully 100% with CS then a Co-Sponsorship MOU will be required.  
  Appoint Committee Finance Chair, Program Chair, Pubs Chair, Local Arrangement Chair Conference Committee or Steering Committee
  Contact your assigned MP IEEE Information Schedule and Conflict of Interest Forms to be completed. Conference will be set up in the TMS and tasks will be assigned to the appropriate owners.
TC MP Assignments
General Chair
  Complete IEEE Information Schedule  
  Complete the online IEEE Conflict of Interest Form  
  Select location/City & State By reviewing historical data it can be determined if your conference takes place in a specific region, country, city, etc. General/Finance Chair and CS Meeting Planner
  Select Dates By reviewing historical data on the conference it can be determined if your conference takes place around the same set of dates or month each year. General/Finance Chair and CS Meeting Planner
  Create Conference Website Include conference location (city/country), dates, post full committee list. General/Finance Chair or Publicity Chair assigned to designing the conference website
  Obtain Sponsorship As per new policies posted in the Technical Meeting Handbook the IEEE Computer Society has now implemented a new "Two Part Approval Process". Part one consists of an "official sponsorship approval" and part two consists of a separate "budget approval" process. Separating these two steps will allow conference organizers to move forward with conference publicity, registration, posting of the CFP and other logistical planning processes.
The following items need to be completed to obtain Sponsorship Approval: IEEE Information Schedule, IEEE Conflict of Interest Forms), Conference set-up in the IEEE Computer Society Technical Meeting System (TMS), Sponsorship determined.
General & Finance Chairs to work with their assigned Meeting Planner
12-18 months      
  RFP Process for hotel/conference venue GC & FC to work with their assigned meeting, review of preliminary budget and previous year's Final Report. MP will distribute the RFP and collect responses from properties. CS Meeting Planner
  Draft of a preliminary budget MP may assist with the completion of the budget and can provide historical data for your conference series. Upload a copy of the budget into to Technical Meeting System (TMS).
You may also schedule a "Budget by Appointment" with your Meeting Planner to review the budget and have questions answered.
Finance Chair
  Review tax information to ensure Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and international compliance VAT (Value Added Tax) and GST (Goods and Services Tax) Finance Chair
  IEEE Concentration Banking
Please note that an IEEE Concentration Bank Account may be opened once Sponsorship Approval is granted. Finance Chair
  Determine if a Fiscal MOU will be required A Fiscal MOU will be required when a 3rd party (Bank or University) will be handling conference funds.  
  Contact IEEE Computer Society CPS CPS will provide a quote for publishing proceedings:
Pubs Chair or Finance Chair
  Send out Grant/Donation letters to potential financial sponsors Computer Society can receive funds prior to conference bank account being opened and will transfer funds to conference account when opened. General/Finance Chair and CS Meeting Planner
  Contracting for Hotel, Convention Center, Congress Center or University (Facility Venue) All conference contracts will be negotiated and signed by the IEEE. Please work with your assigned Meeting Planner. (Sleeping Room Block and Meeting Space requirements will be determined) General and/or Finance Chair and CS Meeting Planner
  Determine which Registration Management System will be used for the conference. Please contact your Meeting Planner for information on the IEEE Cvent Registration System. General and/or Finance Chair and CS Meeting Planner
  Research Meeting Management Companies if applicable Meeting Management Companies offer many services such as registration management, onsite management, food & beverage management, etc. Please work with your Meeting Planner to determine if such assistance is needed for your conference. This type of full management is mostly utilized by large conference with attendees of 500+. General and/or Finance Chair and CS Meeting Planner
  Develop a technical program   General Chair and/or Pubs Chair
  Establish/Create a Call for Papers (CFP) Post call for papers on conference website. Pubs Chair or Publicity Chair
  Create a Call for Sponsors A call for Sponsors would be monetary donations/grants from corporations for support of the conference. Marketing Chair
9-12 months      
  Establish a VISA process for international attendees Conferences are responsible for providing a VISA letter to international attendees. Please note that conference registration must be paid prior to providing a VISA letter. Your Meeting Planner can provide you with more specific details and a sample VISA letter. Registration Chair & Meeting Planner
  Establish a Peer Review Process Previous year's Pubs Chair can provide historical data and process for paper review. Pubs Chair
  Create a schedule for in-person or telecon committee planning meetings When possible teleconference meetings are most effective for conference pre-planning arrangements. General/Finance/Registration/Pubs all committee members & Meeting Planner
  Discuss social activities and awards dinner if applicable Meeting Planner will assist with venue ideas, meal planning and etc. General/Finance/Local Arrangement Chair & Meeting Planner
  Finalize Proceeding Publishing Plans Choose variation quote provided by CPS, sign agreement and return to CPS for processing. Please ensure that cost is captured in conference budget. Pubs Chair/General Chair
  Create website/link for paper submissions for authors that hosts the pub schedule, submission instructions, copyright agreement. Assistance can be given to organizers by CPS. Pubs Chair/General Chair
  Update conference budget Upload a revised budget to the TMS- include cost for registration, meeting management, social functions, CPS publishing services, cost for awards, cost for attendees give always, and include all fixed costs from signed contracts/agreements. Finance Chair
6-9 months      
  Submit a Final Conference Budget for review Upload "Final" budget in the TMS. Inform your Meeting Planner that the budget is ready for review. Please note 10% contingency required for reoccurring conferences, 15% contingency for new conference and a 20% administrative fee is to be applied to the budget. The "Final" conference budget is to be submitted no later than 6 months before the start of the conference. Finance Chair & Meeting Planner
  Budget Approval Granted Meeting Planner will review the budget and submit for approval. Meeting Planner & CS Conference Management
  Conference Registration Form Created If contracting with IEEE MCM for registration your registration rep will assist in creating your conference registration form. IEEE MCM
  Plan Awards Dinner, Gala or social events if applicable. Please work with your conference committee and Meeting Planner. Meeting Planner will prepare and send out RFPs is applicable. General/Finance Chairs & Meeting Planner
  Complete peer review process Previous year's Pubs Chair can provide historical data and process for paper review. Pubs Chair & Committee
  Research conference swag (attendee bags, t-shirts, pens, etc. Previous year's budget, committee and history of items provided to attendees. Please work with your Meeting Planner as they will be able to make suggestions and send out a RFP for pricing if applicable. General/Finance/Local Arrangement Chair & Meeting Planner
3-6 months      
  Order conference swag (attendee bags, t-shirts, pens, etc. Plan to order attendee swag no later than 3 months prior to start of conference. Most bulk orders are shipped from overseas therefore allowing sufficient time for shipping is recommended. General/Finance/Local Arrangement Chair & Meeting Planner
  Create a draft of conference program    
1-3 months      
  Create a post conference survey for attendees Previous year's committee and/or Meeting Planner can assist. General/Marketing or Pubs Chair
  Confirm all services from all external vendors Follow up with Audio Visual Vendors, shipping and delivery dates for attendee bags or swag, etc. Local Arrangements, Pubs, Marketing Chair, etc.
1 week - 1 month      
  Review hotel room block Continuing communication with the contracted hotel is crucial to avoid attrition charges, request an updated room pick-up report. Housing Chair, Housing Vendor and/or MP
  Food & Beverage Arrangements Confirm attendee counts for all meal functions and communicate final attendee numbers to hotel, restaurant, conventions center or conference venue. Local Arrangements Chair and/or MP
  Review of confernece budget Continuous review of the conference budget is needed, balance budget with new totals. Budget should be updated in real-time. Finance Chair
  Conduct committee telecon Arrange for a committee teleconference to review all conference/meeting arrangements prior to being onsite. All committee members
One day after conference      
  Send out post conference survey to attendees Electronic surveys would be the most efficient method we would recommend Survey Monkey. General/Marketing or Pubs Chair
  Conduct a post conference meeting with hotel, convention center or conference center. Post conference meetings are helpful for both the venue and conference organizers to review the good and bad which occurred during the program. General/Finance/Local Chair & Meeting Planner
1 week after conference      
  Review all invoices for payment. (Hotel, venue, catering, etc.) Please note that hotel, venue and catering payments are due no later than 30 days after the end of a conference. If there are discrepancies please contact your Meeting Planner for assistance. General and/or Finance Chair
  Email reminder to committee members/volunteers to submit all receipts/invoices for reimbursement All reimbursments should be processed no later than 30 days after the close of the confernce, as all checks must clear bank accounts within the 6 month conference closing deadline set by the IEEE. Finance Chair
30 days after conference      
  Preliminary Final Report submitted to CS Please submit to your Meeting Planner. General or Finance Chair
  Final conference attendee list submitted to CS Please submit to your Meeting Planner. General or Finance Chair
  Ensure that all outstanding invoices/bills have been fully paid. Continue to update the budget in real-time. Finance Chair
90 days after conference      
  Submit a FINAL report with actual figures. Please submit a FINAL report to your Meeting Planner once all bills/invoices have been paid, all reimbursement checks have been issued and that it is assured that there are NO outstanding items to be paid. Finance Chair
  Complete and submit IEEE conference closing documents. IEEE Conference Closing documents: 1099, 1042, Certificate of Accuracy General and Finance Chairs
  Adminstrative Fee & Surplus Disbursed Once the FINAL report has been reviewed and confirmed by the CS financial analyst an invoice will be issued in order for the appropriate amount of funds can be transferred to the society. Finance Chair
4-6 months after conference      
  Offical conference closing IEEE requires that all financially sponsored conferences be offically closed no later than 6 months from the end of the conference.  
  Conference Audit Conferences where IEEE has greater than a 50% financial responsiblity with an actual or budgeted income or expense of USD $100k or greater must be audited. All conference reciepts and ledgers are to be sent to the IEEE Audit Department. Please note that confernce organizers may choose to hire an outside professional Audit Company to compelete the audit, all reports and summaries are to be sent to the IEEE at the conclusion of the audit. Finance Chair & IEEE Audit Department

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