TCS Approval Criteria

  1. Application documents from the Conference Organization (checked by the Staff):
    • Application form from an NPO
    • SOB by a TC Chair or STC Chair. A STC SOB needs an OK from the STC OC Chair.
    • If it is one of a series a statement about the ‘scientific results (attendees, # of (full) papers submitted, # of (full) papers accepted, publication avenue
    • A Web page listing the Organization Committees and the Program Committee
  2. Guiding Rules checked by the Staff:
    • 1.    Xplore or CPS publication required. Exceptions granted by CAC. No exceptions for ‘Frequent’ Conference Organizers (FCOs).
    • 2.    All fees paid (before or after the evaluation?). Exceptions granted by CAC. None for FCOs.
    • 3.    Starting in 2016 the fourth application will have a fee increase. A warning note should be included in the Application Guides together with an argument to encourage a move to financially (co-) sponsored conferences.
  3. Guiding Rules checked by CAC:
    • Two CAC members review the application, the CAC Chair decides.
Checks to be made:
  • Is the IEEE ICX conference application consistent?
  • Is the TC Endorsement (Statement of Benefits- SoB) strong and comprehensive  (This is the main quality control document)?
  • Is the Conference Web page comprehensive, the scope proper for IEEE CS? Is the PC large enough, well-balanced and international?
  • Does the information about the past conference strengthen the data in the application?
  • Do you personally know any of the organizers and their professional reputation? (Search for their organizational & personal websites)
  • Any IEEE Fellows on organizing or steering committee?
  • Is the Paper Review and Selection Software clearly specified? Is the software well known with a good reputation?
  • Is the acceptance rate for full papers low enough?
  • In the exceptional case that the conference proceedings are not published by CPS or Xplore, what is the reputation of the publishing vendor?
  • Are you satisfied that there is enough IEEE and CS brand value gain and membership benefit to grant TCS? (Remember most TCS costs the CS money)
 These checks will lead to a recommendation by the CAC – accepted/declined

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