Take the Startup Rock Stars Google Hangout Quiz
FEB 04, 2015 04:53 AM
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Take the Startup Rock Stars Google Hangout Quiz

What do you think are the Top 10 reasons for startup success? 


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Take the Startup Rock Stars Google Hangout Quiz

When you’re launching a new company, you need all the help you can get. And some of the biggest help comes from those who have done it before — and ended up with large, profitable companies. Successful entrepreneurs are usually more than happy to offer advice. And the entrepreneurs speaking at IEEE Computer Society’s Startup Rock Stars Google+ Hangout on Tuesday, Feb. 24th, are no exception.

During this Hangout, which comes one month before the in-person March 24th Startup Rock Stars event in San Francisco, California, speakers will share their Top 10 tips for helping make sure the venture you start gets off on the right foot—and succeeds.
Hear tips from the following entrepreneurs:
William Hurley (aka whurley) | CEO, Honest Dollar
Brian Meece | CEO, RocketHub
Howard Leonhardt | Executive Chairman, Leonhardt Ventures
• Joshua Greenbaum, Principal Analyst | Enterprise Applications Consulting (Moderator)
For more information on the IEEE Computer Society's Rock Stars event series, visit
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