Finding Top 6 Best Magento Developers: The Ultimate List
SEP 27, 2017 22:48 PM
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Finding Top 6 Best Magento Developers: The Ultimate List

by Drew Hendricks
Magento is easily one of the most popular open-source e-commerce platforms on the market today. A robust and flexible system, Magento is easily scalable and has cultivated a growing community of passionate developers. If your business specializes in e-commerce, you will most likely need to hire a Magento developer. Not only must you ensure that they are fluent in PHP and object-oriented programming, you will also need to be sure that your potential candidate possesses the necessary expertise needed to stand out in a competitive field such as e-commerce.  Since the official release in 2008, there are now thousands of certified Magento developers all over the world.
Here are 6 of the top places to find an experienced and high-quality Magento developers. 
Magento the company, the organization behind the platform, focuses entirely on in its namesake product. Considered to be one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, Magento serves a diverse set of  clients, from world-class e-tailers to branded manufacturers in B2B industries. Currently, the Magento community is supported not only by a network of over 150,000 developers but 300+ technology partners looking to connect both professionally and personally. 
Top features:
  • Magento provides a comprehensive list of updated Magento events around the world that also serve as networking platforms for developers and employers looking to connect
  • The Magento Solution Partner Ecosystem is a network of consultants that provide services to companies looking to scale their business and harness the power of Magento to better engage with consumers
  • Magento’s Global Elite partner feature connects businesses and individuals to agencies, consultancies and experts who have excelled in the digital commerce sphere
The Magento community also provides the chance for those to learn and grow, as the community aspect of their platform serves the greater purpose of collaboration and contribution to Magento development on the whole.
A European-based platform that has generated global recognition, Scandiweb is one of the world’s most certified Magento agencies in the world. The brains behind the New York Times store, Scandiweb has proven that they possess the knowledge and resources which enable them to service big name clients in addition to providing mentorship and process solutions.
Top features:
  • Scandiweb provides digital business consulting that helps you reimagine your platform to be more user-friendly and improve your services to be more streamlined and efficient 
  • Startups can rely on Scandiweb to guide them through the process of planning to execution with strategic planning along the way
  • The Scandiweb team provides Magento specialists who are experts in e-commerce design and can improve your product using a combination of informed experience and CRO studies
The Scandiweb team provides a diverse landscape of skills which suit a diverse set of needs, like large enterprises looking for an image reboot, or a startup still navigating the ins and outs of contemporary e-commerce. 
Magecom is one of the best resources for companies looking for professional Magento developers to take them from ideation to realization. A vast and highly specialized network of European Magento specialists, Magecom has plenty of international projects in their portfolio that will instill confidence in companies on the lookout for a Magento developer.
Top Features:
  • Magecom assists companies looking to move on from outdated shopping cart services by helping them to migrate their existing solutions to Magento, in addition to helping them update their platform if they are already using Magento
  • Magecom offers a fully services Magento setup, helping you select the best extensions and solutions for their specific needs
  • Magecom provides a detailed guide to project pricing, from ideation to realization, that will help you work within your budget
Magecom is dedicated to providing up to date Magento services for clients of all sizes and from all industries. Whether you are already experienced with Magento or a complete novice, Magecom provides flexible services to meet those needs.
One of the leading and most trusted freelance platforms, Toptal has worked with major corporations all over the word, from Buzzfeed to NASA. If you are looking for a developer for a one time gig or hoping to take on a new team member, hiring a contractor through Toptal is a flexible alternative to going through agencies. 
Top Features:
  • All Magento developers on Toptal have been carefully screened and evaluated ensuring their expertise and previous work is of the highest quality
  • Toptal has curated an expansive network of freelance Magento developers, specializing in various skillsets and industries
  • Toptal turns recruiting on its head by successfully matching companies with a hire after 1-2 candidates, simplifying the hiring process and helping you find a developer quickly and efficiently
Toptal's blog includes in-depth content that provides both businesses and developers with information regarding the ins and out of Magento development, 
Like many freelance platforms and digital communities, Stack Overflow doesn’t focus on just one developer profile. Around 50 million developers visit Stack Overflow every month, which means there is no shortage of talent available. 
Top Features:
  • Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 section helps to connect developers to potential employers by providing a detailed outline of the developer hiring process
  • Stack Overflow maintains a regularly updated “Developer Hiring Library”, which provides meaningful content and guides, such as How to Interview a Developer
  • Stack Overflow offers recruitment consulting as well as expert teams that help developers excel in their careers 
To help you find the most suitable Magento developer for your project, Stack Overflow will help you narrow down your search based on their proficiencies, industry-fit, and location. 
One of the most renowned open-source developer networks today. Founded in 2008, Github is home to developers of all kinds but provides advanced search tools to help you discover a specific community, in this case, Magento. 
Top Features:
  • By setting up an account on Github with a public profile where you will display information about your company and what you are searching for so that you can easily find and attract Magento developers
  • Github has a project management feature that helps teams work together, establish milestones and achieve the desired results
  • Github’s Marketplace offers apps and updates to improve your workflow and an expert support network
Github members publically display their profile so that you can see their current and past work, ideal if you already know what you are looking for. 
With over 200,000 retailers around the world using Magento thanks to its usability and easily customizable features, finding the right Magento developer can take a bit of time and discretion. Fortunately, these expert networks and developer communities provide an inexhaustible talent pool that is growing by the minute making it easier than ever for companies to find a Magento developer that will suit your needs.
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