7 Startups In Healthcare Improving The System
DEC 07, 2016 17:42 PM
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7 Startups In Healthcare Improving The System

By Drew Hendricks

According to TIME Magazine, the American healthcare system is the worst amongst the 11 wealthiest nations, and that’s even after relative improvements following the Affordable Care Act. However, there’s a silver lining amidst the surge of startups and small businesses, a sector which enjoyed a healthy boom following the 2009 Great Recession. Startups in healthcare have the ability to improve the system, and they’ve been doing so at an impressive clip.

According to Mark Diamond, CMP at the Senior Education Counsel, “While the idea of self-funding your long-term care on an as-needed basis is admirable, you can’t necessarily guarantee that you will have enough. Life happens—and while we may not be able to plan for a lot of it, we can certainly try to cover ourselves in the event of something happening.”

Take a look at these healthcare startups who are making big strides in improving the system:

1. Moxe Health: Healthcare data integration is a huge struggle for medical providers. In fact, simply moving to electronic systems in lieu of keeping a costly hardcopy system has been a challenge. Moxe keeps data safe, keeps integration in pace with the latest tools, and offers a proprietary software eliminating the needs for a middleman in software. Medical offices can transition to a digital space swiftly and securely.

2. ReadCoor: Serving the researchers in healthcare, it’s a sequencing platform letting users “perform high throughput RNA-Seq while preserving sample morphology.” Right now, it’s the first and only such software featuring panoramic spatial sequencing, and it’s available on a global scale.

3. Catalyze: Finding the right cloud solution is one of the biggest hurdles for medical offices, especially since security is a top concern (as is continuing to abide by HIPAA regulations in the Digital Era). Catalyze is a cloud platform targeting the healthcare sector, prioritizing integration and compliance. Shopping around for cloud storage is important for all businesses and fields, but especially for vulnerable markets like healthcare and finance.

4. CareSkore: With real-time solutions, this fully integrated solution features artificial intelligence for personalized population management. Plus, with more than 39 million patient records and 4.3 billion data points analyzed, it’s a proven method that’s trusted, reputable, but still has that drive and passion that only a startup can provide.

5. Blueprint Health: Blueprint is a funding resource for healthcare IT companies, providing $20,000 and endless support for 20 companies per year. Awardees get mentors and staff to help achieve compliance for the first three months, then aid in completing business goals throughout the year. Typical goals include raising capital, marketing, refining pitches and getting more customers. It’s the startup helping other startups.

6. MotherKnows: Perfect for parents or caregivers, MotherKnows is an online solution giving parents (and guardians) instant access to a child’s comprehensive healthcare records. When an urgent situation arises, time is precious. Get peace of mind, whether you’re at home or on vacation, and there’s no more filling out forms, calling doctors for information, or rushing around for materials.

7. Eliza Corporation: Say goodbye to automated “customer service.” Eliza encourages consumers to engage in the process and take an active role in their health care. With consumer experience solutions, revenue management solutions and quality/cost management solutions, you get a trifecta of support and bring the “customer” back into medical customer service.

These are just a few of the premium health-centric startups to keep an eye on in 2017. However, there are many more on the rise in every facet of healthcare from recordkeeping to digital management to marketing and service. Improving the system takes a village, and often starts from the bottom up.


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