The 3 Best Cybersecurity Solutions for Enterprises
FEB 22, 2018 01:05 AM
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The 3 Best Cybersecurity Solutions for Enterprises

by Ellie Martin
Cybersecurity is a threat for everyone but is especially dangerous for businesses as the penetration of a business’s database could threaten an innumerable amount people’s data. It is very imperative that a business conduct itself in the most secure way possible to avoid a breach of their internal systems. Luckily, businesses have the ability to use cybersecurity teams such as Symantec and AVG to protect itself from viruses and malware. 
Hacking attempts on businesses have reached all-time highs and will only increase as the level of interconnectivity around the world also increases. There is a parallel to the access of internet globally and the pressure on individuals to keep their data secure. Cybersecurity has to be one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of any business’s profile. 
However, a business cannot solely rely on one of the cybersecurity teams to completely secure their infrastructure. Oftentimes an IT professional is required, either contracted or hired, to fully lockdown an intranet and secure a system. This means management of everything from password control to anti-fraud so that a company is not at risk of being besieged. There are, however, strategies that can be employed to ensure that your company stays safe and secure.
1. Secure the Network
One of the most important things a business can do is lock down its network both externally and internally. This can be done through a couple of ways. Firstly, if using WiFi, make sure that your access point is hidden and is encrypted using a firewall. 
This will create a harder barrier for hackers who will have to use tools and other devices to get through to your access point. This protects your internal network from external viruses and unwanted visitors. It is also important that if you are using a switch that it is the safest and most up-to-date machine. Update all of your devices regularly and have an employee monitor all of the traffic. The only way to truly secure a network is to keep a watchful eye and constantly encrypt. 
2. Educate Staff
There is nothing more important than an educated employee who is knowledgeable of the threats and knows how to deal with them. Sometimes the most effective strategy is to bring in a cyber security professional that can break down what a virus is, how to create effective passwords, and how to encrypt files. 
The more knowledge your staff has of the threats the less likely you are to be exploited. There is nothing more dangerous than an employee who is ignorant of download policies who then accidentally downloads a virus and starts a breach. It is a frightening sight to see an employee desk with sticky notes embroidered with passwords and other sensitive information. 
Informing your employees of how to deal with technology in the safest way possible is the best way to prevent any hacks or exploits. So much of cybersecurity comes down to an individual keeping their information safe and using common practical knowledge. It is always important to hold your employees to the highest standard and in cybersecurity it is even more important. 
3. Keep Updated
It is absolutely imperative that your technology stays up to date and is always on to the newest version. This can be a pain in the neck for IT professionals at your company but it is a necessary evil. Upgrading operating systems and server versions often brings new and higher levels of security. Even updating the Thin Client that your company uses can completely secure your employee teams. 
Even with the best software developed by the most qualified software engineers, older machines have loopholes that can be exploited through hard-coded USBs and CD-ROMs. It is also important that ports are encrypted so that only registered and known devices can be used on a computer at any time. Though it seems laborious and mundane registering all of the devices your company uses, including cell phones, can make sure that no unauthorized users are ever on your intranet. This can be essential for locating the source of an attack or preventing one altogether. Even though updating all technologies can be expensive, being the victim of an attack is much more damaging. 
Cybersecurity for businesses really comes down to educated employees and vivacious IT professionals. Whether you are contracting or employing IT specialists it is important to keep updated and have strong employee practices so that you do not fall victim to a cyber security breach
Keeping antivirus and firewalls up to date while constantly upgrading technology can ensure that your company will always be the hardest one to crack. Strong password policies and strict employee rules about information sharing will ensure that you never suffer an attack from the inside. The best solution for businesses is diligence as being on top of the game is the most surefire way to stay protected.
Ellie Martin is co-founder of Startup Change group. Her works have been featured on Yahoo! , Wisebread, AOL, among others. She currently splits her time between her home office in New York and Israel. You may connect with her on Twitter.
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