VMware is enabling IT and process transformation to drive high-profile customer engagements
Krista Macomber, Data Center Analyst
SEP 08, 2014 01:03 AM
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TBR perspective

VMware is an increasingly strategic player in today's evolving IT landscape

"No Limits" was the theme for VMware's partner, developer and customer conference VMworld 2014, encapsulating the transformational opportunities cloud, mobile and big data disruptors are creating for businesses. At the event VMware executives painted a compelling picture of "liquid" (i.e., fluid) and adaptive IT infrastructures that return real results to customers' bottom lines. Equally if not more importantly, VMware leadership also addressed the real-world barriers around people and process transformation that stand in the way of its customers realizing these opportunities.

Armed with this vision and understanding, VMware is making portfolio and go-to-market strides that will accelerate its transition to a strategic advisor over the next 12 months. This is notably critical as its core market, server virtualization, becomes heterogeneous and commoditized and the trend toward adoption of open, cloud-enabling infrastructures moves at an ever-quickening pace. Enabling channel partners and carefully evolving relationships with technology and service provider partners are critical to VMware securing this rising prominence in the long term.

VMware aims to play a key role in its customers' businesses by bridging on-premises and off-premises infrastructures as well as the siloes of IT and business. CEO Pat Gelsinger implored VMware's partners and customers to join the company in undergoing a "brave transformation" focused on improving collaboration and business agility. This aspiration is bold and requires VMware lead by example in broadening its scope outside its comfort zone, server virtualization-focused, speeds-and-feeds-led engagements with IT managers.

VMware is steadily driving toward its vision of seamless and secure "device through data center" management from a portfolio perspective, and VMware executives led with business outcomes despite a number of significant portfolio announcements during VMworld 2014. Additionally, leveraging choice and flexibility to meet customers' evolving business requirements were common themes during our engagements with VMware, its customers and its partners. We are optimistic about VMware's ability to thrive in a challenging marketplace increasingly characterized by coopetition and the need for simplicity during a time of rising technological complexity, pending VMware's ability to continue moving quickly in convincing its ecosystem of the heightened and unique value it brings to the table. 

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