2015 Looking to Be a Great Year for Cloud Adoption
JAN 20, 2015 11:28 AM
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2015 Looking to Be a Great Year for Cloud Adoption

The basic premise for every business is simple: maximize returns by creating the best product possible, while using intuitive technologies designed to lower operating costs and increase business efficiency. 

Since 2012, cloud adoption among large-scale and SMBs has been rising steadily for various reasons. In a recent study conducted by RackSpace, 94 percent of businesses polled cited increased cloud solution adoption across company disciplines due to increased security solutions presented by the technology.

Another study, conducted by CloudComputing-News.net, found that of all SMBs polled in 2014, 68 percent of companies with 20 or fewer employees adopted cloud solutions in 2014 and 66 percent of companies with 100 -249 employees also adopted cloud services. Of those companies: 
  • 51 percent reported reduced time spent managing IT needs 
  • 50 percent reported requiring fewer internal resources to operate/manage their IT needs
  • 94 percent reported implemented cloud solutions produced security benefits across company divisions
  • 75 percent reported improved service ability
  • 96 percent reported cloud solutions enabled less worrying about IT downtime/uptime issues
Additionally, when it comes to budgetary concerns, the same study revealed the following:
  • 50 percent of companies pursued new business ventures as a direct result of time saved managing security with cloud solutions
  • 70 percent of companies were able to reinvest capital due to savings directly tied to the implementation of cloud solutions
  • 36 percent of companies have drastically improved customer service systems/relations due to cloud based services across the business. 
But maybe, the most interesting stats are seen from 30,000 feet, being highlighted in the recent infographic, below, produced by QuoteColo. In 2014, the cloud market rang in at $156 billion. In 2015, projected cloud spend is set at over 180 billion. With cloud spending eventually topping off at $235 billion in 2017, it seems evident that the growing trend in business is overall cloud adoption.
As highlighted by the cited statistics and the accompanying infographic, 2015 is looking to be a great year for cloud adoption – regardless of business size. From lowering costs to increasing security, productivity, and customer service, cloud adoption is a smart bet for 2015. 
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