Best 35 Developer Job Posting Sites for Employers in 2018
SEP 26, 2018 18:29 PM
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Best 35 Developer Job Posting Sites for Employers in 2018

by Anthony Coggine
Developers are in high demand. If you’ve decided to hire top developer talent, you’ll have to fight an immense amount of competition. You have the best chance of hiring the most talented developers when you use trusted websites that save you both time and money.
From JavaScript experts to freelance mobile developers, there is a website out there that caters to employers looking for reliable technical talent. Unfortunately, there are also many popular job posting sites for employers that may end up wasting your time -- either because they lack features or fail to attract the best in the business. 
Your company needs the best job posting sites for employers that can connect you with the best tech talent. The 35 developer job posting sites listed below are essential for employers looking to hire developers in 2018:
  1. Dice
    Dice is a technology-focused job board that has connections to the world’s largest tech firms. Their data analytics software allows employers to gain an in-depth analysis of the hiring market in their field. Its connections make finding a great developer a breeze. Post web developer jobs, mobile developer openings, or engineering ads.
  2. TechFetch
    TechFetch boasts an incredible user base of over two million people. They also use an innovative matching program to help recruiters find the right candidates for their positions which saves time and money. They offer great tech talent, hosting coding and IT jobs with an expansive network that stretches the globe.
  3. CrunchBoard
    CrunchBoard serves as the job posting site of TechCrunch, the technology news website. When a web developer job is posted on the board, for example, it reaches over twelve million readers, which offers a great deal of exposure.
  4. CyberCoders
    CyberCoders is a technology-focused job site that uses their proprietary software, named Cyrus, to match the best talent with the right job. Their large staff of recruiters makes them a formidable presence in the employer job posting site world with an average wait time of five days for their candidates.
  5., better known as AngelList, offers an incredible array of services to job posters and hunters. It allows users to find jobs that suit their needs or find positions higher up the chain at startups around the world. On AngelList, you’re likely to find self-motivated, ambitious developers.
  6. StackOverflow
    StackOverflow is the world’s largest developer community with over fifty million users worldwide. On top of offering job services, they also provide a deep learning community that can help to improve the skills of coders while they search. It acts as a multi-tool for job posters and seekers. Because of its popularity among developers, it’s simply one of the best job posting sites.
  7. Toptal
    Toptal is a global network of top developers that enables companies to scale their teams, on-demand. To be accepted into the network, all tech talent must pass a rigorous screening process, which means Toptal is the home for the top 3% of tech talent in the world. Toptal’s matching team will hand-select and connect you with the right developers for your project, usually in under 24 hours.
  8. Github
    The Github jobs program is a wonderful place to search for developer-specific employment. The site itself is very clean and easy to use. Navigating hundreds of IT jobs on the site is quick and informative while maintaining effectiveness, making your developer job ad easy to apply to.
  9. VentureLoop
    VentureLoop is a startup-focused job posting site that offers great insight into the companies and the users. This allows both sides to play fair ball. They also carry a large investor network to help startups get the funding they need to create jobs and prosperity.
  10. OnStartupJobs
    OnStartupJobs is another startup focused job posting site that centralizes on European markets. They aim to be the voice of the startup culture in Europe and they offer a variety of services to do just that. Jobs are posted from around the world and can be applied with tremendous ease. If you want tech professionals for your European startup, OnStartupJobs is the best place to post jobs.
  11. HackerLife
    HackerLife is a job board with a principal focus on software engineers. They also cover technological specialists of different passions as well. They are an ideal spot to find good engineering talent amongst some of the biggest names in the business.
  12. iCrunchData
    iCrunchData is a technology-centric job board that uses real data to determine what job you should take what you should be paid. They also report on major tech news and the future of technological employment as technology progresses. This data analysis can help candidates that are a better fit for your company find you faster.
  13., as you might imagine, is an engineering-focused job site that covers every engineering industry. From electrical engineering to petroleum engineering, is the best place to post jobs to find every engineer needed.
  14. SymbaSync
    SymbaSync is recruitment software that can help you get instant results. When you post a job listing, you will receive a short list of qualified candidates within ten minutes. In addition, you will get access to a partner network of over one hundred other job boards.
  15. LinkUp
    LinkUp is a job search software platform. With LinkUp, you set a job you would like to sponsor, set a monthly budget, and put in a campaign time. Using their data-driven methods you will most likely find the right candidate quickly and efficiently using LinkUp.
  16. AngularJobs
    AngularJobs is a one-stop shop for all of your Angular employment needs. They offer a full suite of comprehensive job hunting tools and provide both remote and traditional job opportunities. Obviously, posting here and searching would be for Angular developers only, but, the site alone makes you want to learn.
  17. Glassdoor
    Glassdoor is a general use job board with a few unique features that make it an attractive job posting site for employers. Firstly, they host in-depth information about businesses on the site so that users are fully aware. Secondly, they allow users to review the company so that other users have first-hand experiences rather than guessing what working at a particular company is like. You can easily build your business brand and post an ad simultaneously.
  18. LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is a robust platform that is part social media and part job posting site. They host profiles of potential employees so that companies can get a definitive look at the professional side of its candidates. Posting on LinkedIn guarantees a large audience, making it one of the best job posting sites.
  19. Craigslist
    When you think of where to post jobs, you may not immediately come to the conclusion that Craigslist is a good place to start. While the site lacks common features and oversight, it really can be a great place to start looking for developer talent. Craigslist is a general job posting board and a general use website that has an overwhelming amount of users. However, it prides itself on being lightweight and easy to use so the postings can be as sparse or detailed as necessary. The exposure alone makes Craiglist a phenomenal job board.
  20. Snagajob
    Snagajob is a robust jobs platform that focuses on hourly workers instead of salaried employees. This is a great service for those businesses that prefer lightweight employment strategies over traditional employment. If you need strictly hourly workers, Snagajob is the best place to post jobs.
  21. Flexjobs
    Flexjobs is a powerful job board that focuses on workers who desire flexible schedules and remote work. They offer deep insider analysis of their businesses for users and proved companies with screened employees so that quality is always on top.
  22. JobsRadar
    JobsRadar is a general employment board that provides its users with a host of services to promote hireability and interview performance. You can post anything from web developer jobs to IT job openings. They have a call center for users to call in and get immediate help with their employment opportunities which has helped attract top developer talent.
  23. is a job board that reaches people all over the globe who wish to work in the United States of America, even Americans. They offer market and industry information so that users can know if they are being properly valued. You can post local job offerings for your developer opening with ease.
  24. is a powerhouse job board for posters and seekers alike. They offer detailed candidate information and business information so that no one hunts blind. They provide a wide array of services like career change resources and market salary comparison tools that can help potential candidates find your job listing.
  25. Indeed
    Indeed is one of the most prolific job boards on the market. Its various search functions and layout make it easy to use, making it the most popular job search tool on the internet. You can search thousands of resumes through their database to find the right developer for your business. Employer job posting is easy and cheap -- making it a fabulous option for companies of every size.
  26. Monster
    Monster is a massive job posting site for employers with millions of users and thousands of jobs. They offer services to improve the results of your job postings like matching candidates with the most appropriate skills for each posting. The social aspect of Monster has attracted millions of professionals.
  27. WeWorkRemotely
    Have you thought about where to post jobs for remote work? WeWorkRemotely is a technology-focused job board that boasts connections with some of the biggest names in tech. They also have over one million annual users that are trying to find remote work. Their dedication to remote work means that a post on the site should be prepared for a telecommuting candidate. 
  28. is a technology-focused job posting site for employers that utilizes its connections with thousands of major brands to bring the best jobs to the forefront for developers. It has a focus on remote work and thusly offers opportunities around the globe.
  29. is an entirely telecommute focused job board that boasts an entire remote framework for posters and seekers. Their site makes finding and creating remote work simple and informative thanks to their continuous comprehensive content output. They are the home for remote work.  
  30. Ladders
    Ladders is an executive general job board that is expressly concerned with elite positions. They cover a wide array of industries, including technology, and have a force of over twenty thousand recruiters who scour for the best candidates and find them on Ladders. It’s the best place to post jobs for executive positions.
  31. ZipRecruiter
    ZipRecruiter makes it easy for job posters and job seekers to find the right job fast. Posters can create quick and effective job requirements and their proprietary matching technology helps to find the right candidates as fast as possible.
  32. CareerBuilder
    CareerBuilder, as the name implies, is focused on helping users on their career paths. They provide resume analysis and job matching to make life easier for users and posters alike. They also provide recommendations for posters and seekers to help with the burden of searching.
  33. AuthenticJobs
    AuthenticJobs is a full-service job board for techies and creatives. They focus on designers and developers so that you can find artists while you search for technical workers. They also provide services to help both styles of employee find the best position for them. Posting on AuthenticJobs should give you some great developer leads.
  34. HeadHunter
    HeadHunter is one of the best places to post jobs for upper-level management positions. HeadHunter is a management and executive-focused job board that hosts jobs across most industries. They are a great resource to those companies that are seeking out managers and executives in technology, sales, and marketing.
  35. SimplyHired
    SimplyHired has jobs of all categories and makes posting them a simple and effective process. They offer a phenomenal salary estimator that allows their users to compare the projected salary against numerous similar positions.
There is a great developer waiting to be hired by your company. Finding the right fit for your company can take up your time and resources, but it’s more than worth the investment. Trusted sites like Toptal can help match you with the perfect developer for your tech projects in no time at all. 
Sites like Github and StackOverflow can connect you to massive developer communities. Their job boards are rife with trusted developer talent with impressive technical portfolios. Search through applications to help fill web developer jobs, software engineering positions, and IT jobs.
Other niche technology-focused job boards like Dice, TechFetch, and CyberCoders can give you a direct line to the top technical experts. While they won’t be able to provide a full suite of hiring services like a professional recruiting company can, these developer employer job posting sites can still save you time. 
Job posting sites for employers that are used exclusively for remote work can also be a treasure trove as they have a higher than average proportion of developer talent searching for opportunities.
If you want to reach as many people as possible with your job ad, you may want to consider utilizing LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and SimplyHired. These general job search sites can help your posting get more views. If you’ve got the time to burn, these sites can be a great resource. Otherwise, you’ll want to stick to technology-focused job boards.
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