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Celebrating the IT Community Plus BigDataSDNBYOD-Whatever at Interop 2014
Jim Rapoza, Aberdeen Group
APR 10, 2014 06:03 AM
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The official theme for the Interop 2014 in Las Vegas this week is “Celebrating the IT Community” but we all know the “real” theme of the show will quickly become apparent based on what everyone is talking about. Two years ago it was all about BYOD. Last year was the SDN coming out party.

So what’s the overriding theme this year? Well, there’s still a lot of talk about SDN. And BYOD is still getting lots of attention. Walk around and you’ll hear a lot about big data analytics and Internet of Things. Plus discussion about lots of other technologies and trends. Come to think of it, maybe “Celebrating the IT Community” isn’t that bad.

This trend of disparate and different themes can be easily seen by simply attending the keynote sessions. The Wednesday (April 2nd) keynote started out with Deloitte CIO Larry Quinlan talking about how to make IT and end-users work together better and end the battles between these groups (for more on this topic you can read my recent report “The Conflict Between IT and Business Ends Now: How Leading Organizations Improve Support and Meet Expectations”). This was followed by a panel discussion on SDN, a talk about mobile cloud, and a presentation by Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby about the Internet of Everything. Basically, it was the pot luck dinner approach to the conference keynote.

And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A show with lots of different themes means that’s there is a lot going on it IT, something I firmly believe. I’ve previously talked about how I think we are currently going through one of the most dynamic periods in technology ever, with many new and important emerging technologies all coming to the fore at the same time.

This Interop show is providing evidence that this is true. No one technology is dominating the landscape but each is impacting and changing the others. Cloud changes virtualization, SDN changes cloud, mobile changes IT infrastructures, social changes mobile. Etc. etc.

All of this change is definitely making things more complex for IT departments. But it also makes everything a lot more interesting and exciting.

So enjoy this week’s Interop show. And don’t forget to celebrate the IT community. Yay IT! You’re the best! High five!

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