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Have You Taken Your ITSM to the ‘Next Level’ (And What the Heck Does That Look Like)?
Ryan Arsenault
FEB 26, 2016 17:49 PM
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Have You Taken Your ITSM to the ‘Next Level’ (And What the Heck Does That Look Like)?

In a great introduction to IT Service Management (ITSM) research findings, Aberdeen Group Senior IT Research Analyst Jim Rapoza notes that working with physical trainers can sometimes be a ridiculous venture.

This is never more apparent than when they’re shouting phrases — designed to be encouragement — like “Give it 110%! Take it to the next level!”

I’ll even take it to the next level (pun shamelessly intended) and say that for me, when I hear “Take it to the next level,” it conjures up images of the over-the-top Ben Stiller character of Tony Perkis in Heavyweights, a maniacal fitness guru whose motivation methods are a bit…too much.


So when it comes to taking your ITSM to the next level, color me a little skeptical.

But it actually can be done.

That is, amping up your ITSM efforts. In fact, leading — or Best-in-Class — organizations are taking their ITSM “to the next level” by working hard and striving to improve it at every stage of the game, leveraging the communication channels and technologies that their users rely on to make everyone much more productive. And, as you can see, in the data below, this is how leading organizations are doing it:


But it’s much more than just strategies when organizations work to improve their ITSM. What capabilities are users actually benefiting from with this next level of service?


You’ll notice that of chief importance for IT — in the top two spots here — is that ensuring that the quality of end-user support is up to snuff, and tracking that satisfaction of the quality of support they’ve received. After all, you need to walk before you run (or take things to the next level), and implementing all the new features in the world won’t matter if your end users are let down on basic day-to-day service requests and IT problems — the first level of ITSM.

What may be more surprising for ITSM  — but shouldn’t be in a social and collaborative online world — is that 35% of leading organizations are boosting their capabilities with a social experience, and are actually a whopping 80% more than the industry average to do so.

In short, while Tony Perkis in Heavyweights may look like an absolute maniac in his promise of taking fitness efforts to the next level, as we’ve just seen, Best-in-Class organizations are doing it…and doing it well, when it comes to their ITSM.

In fact, with these smart strategies and capabilities in place, they’ve actually improved the quality of support, eliminated downtime and problems, reduced costs, and improved productivity across the organization.


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